Drawing Challenge

This week I have been enjoying some of the challenges set in the book 'Experimental Drawing' by Robert Kaupelis. One of  these was to make a drawing where all the elements of the drawing are cohesive and cant be removed without affecting the overall image.


'Pear in Mirror'

This little exercise made me think how in my art journey, as in my life, all the parts are necessary. In life, there can be some really rubbish and hard times and some really joy filled times, but as I look to tomorrow, embracing my today and building from my yesterday, all of it is taken and woven into the rich tapestry that is called my life.

In my art journey at the moment I am feeling a desire to change what I am doing a bit, perhaps go in new directions, but what I know is that wherever I arrive with it, that will only happen because of all the seemingly dead ends to which I have traveled, painting all the paintings that I have perhaps discarded, and places that have consumed me along the way. Excited for what's ahead!