New experiments in oil and cold wax

Up until recently I have dabbled in oils, but the fumes and the resulting headaches have always put me off….until now. I was advised by a fellow artist in one of those wonderful times of friendly chat back in June to try a citrus oil instead of the normal turps. This opened up a wave of new possibilities for me. Not only did I acquire ‘zest it’ dilutant and brush cleaner as well as the ‘zest it’ glazing medium and used them to good affect, I also discovered cold wax which I have started to combine with the oils.

Open Studios is a great experience, which for me this year, has had lasting effects.

Cold wax gives the oil paint a more matt look and it causes the oils to dry more quickly. Because they bulk the paint you can press textures into the paint or stick and embed collage into the layers with the wax.

I am still experimenting with all the ways that cold wax can be used in my process but what I am finding is that it is great for excavating into previous layers. It stays quite malleable for some time, so I am doing lots of scraping and scratching, as well as combining oil sticks and oil pastels into the mix!


If you would like to see more of what I have been up too recently, I will be showing my work at The Castle, Bude from 23rd October until 11th November. I will be there on Sunday 23rd from 2-4pm if you would like to join me there.