The Signature on a painting

This is not an identity crisis, but for some reason I can never decide how to sign my paintings. I know, this should not be a big decision, but well, me and decisions don’t go together too well. I mention this just because I am hoping lots of you will come to my exhibition at The Castle this Sunday 23rd October, 2-4pm, and you might spot paintings signed in various ways. My latest is Jacque and before that Harris.

In my past there was JMH and before that Jacqui Robinson, (changed for more obvious reasons.) Also Jakki R, Jakki, J M Robinson and Jacqueline Robinson. Does anyone else have this problem? Surely I should be able to settle on one!

This leaves me with a question. Do we really need the signature of the artist? Maybe I keep changing mine because actually I am not all that comfortable with having my name in the corner. Sometimes I feel it interrupts the flow of the painting. Some people I know don’t sign the front at all, but does the viewer perhaps not think the painting is authentic without a signature. I would be grateful for your thoughts, and if you can’t make this Sunday, the show continues until November 10th.