Nothing Is Wasted

The time had come this Summer to put down one paint brush and pick up another. After living in our home for 6 years it was time to transform the shabby interior.

What I didn't realise at the time is how much house decorating and actually, all of life feeds into art. (kind of knew it in theory, but not convinced in heart.) Far from being a separate activity that I might spend a certain amount of hours doing, I found my intentions of my art practice strengthened as I veered towards not only certain colours, but also layering, and oh my, what excitement in uncovering pieces of history, - much like the joy experienced in revealing previously painted areas of my paintings and finding unexpected colours and shapes.

This reiterates to me, what importance there is in all of the activities of life that surround art, daily things and rituals that bring joy and bring life that can be taken in to the act of painting. Far from being nuisance interruptions perhaps these other activities need to be embraced.

Some favourite corners