Getting into the studio

Have you ever gone into your Studio/work area and thought with slight panic, ‘What now?’  What next? This was often my dilemma, particularly on Monday mornings, or after a break from art.

.......And then I was given this brilliant idea, which might be helpful. 

Each day I set my alarm for half an hour, put on some uplifting worship music and paint in my sketchbook to wherever it might lead me. The sketchbook is big enough that I can get some arm movement to inject some energy - I think this is important to the spontaneity. It is also important to me that I don’t make these paintings on good paper, as there might be a danger of starting to think they could be for public viewing and I would be in danger of becoming more ‘precious’ about them.

During these half hour sessions I am learning new ways of painting by trying out things like ways of applying the paint and experimenting without consequence. Some are horrible. - Who cares? Sometimes I can see when I am having a bit of a dark day! - good time to get it out of my system, or there are times when I am more nervous after having a few days break, so then it acts as a  kind of ‘warm up.’ There seems to be so much I can learn in doing this process consistently. I even tell myself that it is not essential to put a mark on the paper if I get too involved with the music. That hasn’t happened yet but the most helpful thing for me is to keep this space where there is no pressure. 

Maybe you already have ways you aid getting back into your studio or routines that help you. It would be great if you could share them.

Here are some of my half hour spontaneous sessions