The journey of a creative person. Sharing the ups and downs, bumps and curves of life as a creative being.

I love the programmes, ‘A day in the life of....’ but often we see a glamorous view. I decided to challenge myself  to share instead, the difficulties as well as the breakthroughs of a life determined to not wander about aimlessly, or punch as if beating the air, but to make the most of the ability we are all given to be a creative person daily because that is who we are, and share it here. My hope is that this will encourage you to also live out your life in a way that makes goals of creativity and follows this path, long after the mood has worn off and the need for commitment to the goal seems shaky, just taking one step at a time.

I had better start by saying why this challenge to myself. Two night ago I went to a business talk where we had to talk about our dreams. I realised from voicing this that the goal between my dreams and what I am doing in my daily life that maybe would work towards this, are miles apart. 

So here I am with a dream. My dream is mainly focused around my life as an artist. Yours may be something completely different. Fill in the blank. It could be anything but do it creatively!  What will be my baby steps to walk in this; sustainable steps.

Today what I have to offer is a yummy breakfast. I didn’t think that I would be sharing a recipe for my first day of sharing a creative lifestyle, but maybe this is the lesson. There needs to be no compartmentalisation to creativity, and today this is how I choose to be creative.



When I was a child I used to love tapioca pudding.This pudding tastes like those little balls of tapioca that my Grandma made in her cosy, warming milk puddings, but without the milk and pretty healthy.

ingredients. I usually double the amounts stated below to have enough for 2-3 people.

Half tin of coconut milk

3 tblsp chia seeds

2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tblsp porridge oats

1 tblsp linseeds

pinch of salt

Mix together in a pan and boil for a couple minutes until thickened and bubbly. Top with fruit and seeds. I usually use berries, but today used prunes and a satsuma. Also some seeds of pumpkin and sunflower. Great start to the day!