Setting Priorities

Have you ever begun a week with great intentions to achieve the world, live creatively and stay inspired, and then, well, life just gets in the way. The week just gone would normally have been one of those weeks. After writing my last blog I was fuelled with fresh vigour, lots of determination, and then, as so often happens, life happened. Usually at this point, when  things come and sabotage my finely tuned work schedule (or not so finely tuned as the case may be) I resign myself to being too busy this week with a promise to myself that next week I will be the true creative that I want to be.

The change this week came from a talk (mentioned in the last post)  by Patricia from the design trust.

The little gem that was imparted in this talk went like this: 

A lecturer stood in front of his class with a jar full of big stones. He asked, ‘Is the jar full?’ Yes came the reply. Then he took some very small stones and poured them into the jar. ‘Is the jar full now?’ He asked. The students weren’t so sure about saying yes this time. Then he poured sand in the jar, and just as the students were thinking that the answer must be yes now, he poured in water. Then he asked the students what the point of this exercise was. Someone replied that it must be to make your days fuller, but he said, ‘No, not at all. The point is, to put your big stones in first.’ 

Pretty obvious right! But in a week where appointments abounded and the pressure was on, I was able to take all the little snippets of time that normally I don’t see and put ‘my big stones in place’ as I kept up a continuum of time in my studio. As a little reminder of this life lesson, I made a painting that borrows lots of the imagery from someone who I think is a master of painting pots and jars, Mary Fedden, putting my stones in the jar.

Enjoy a creative week.