What not to do when making a goal

Have you ever noticed that a lot of people have a dream but far fewer even attempt to reach for their dreams? Why not? In our dreamy state we like to think that our dreams will materialise, but how?



mmm....it would be nice to think so!

Maybe like me you are one of those dreamers that would like to see their dream come into reality, and are willing to do something about it. To this end, I Have been thinking a lot about goals, both short term and long term. Goals that make the journey of the dream. I am making small steps into my dreams and decided a good goal would be to finish a painting every week. Why this goal? I will show you.




These are just some of the paintings that I have started but haven’t got around to finishing.  

What I discovered this week is that goals, if not reasonable, can sometimes get in the way of the steps to take rather than providing the way forward.  My goal turned out to be not an achievable one,- fine on previous weeks in making small paintings but not so when the painting was large and being ‘difficult.’ This, I found, made it easier to escape the studio altogether.

Other goals that have also stopped me in the past, I realised, have been things like saying I have to spend such and such amount of time in the studio, or I have to be in the studio by a certain time. These sort of goals tend to cause me to give up altogether on the times I can’t achieve them. Once I got a bit easier on myself and thought of a more achievable plan I was able to work happily in the studio again.

What problems do you encounter when making and achieving goals. I would love to hear from you to join in the discussion.