Walking in the right shoes

There are just so many great artists out there. I was able to enjoy the work of a few of them last week in Open Studios Cornwall. This is always such an inspiring and joyous thing to do and one that I would recommend. What stood out to me is just how different we all are. In the way artists organise their Studios, go about their work, their thought processes, to the finished artwork. It is such an enjoyable experience to witness the rich diversity of each firsthand. 

This week I listened to a very interesting talk (by Heidi Baker, a missionary in Mozambique). She was speaking about the importance of walking in your own shoes.

How boring Open Studios would be if everyone’s work looked the same, their studios were the same and their sketchbooks looked the same, and yet the danger of trying to walk in someone else’s shoes still exists. Their shoes might be very similar to our own or we might be trying to walk with shoes that are five sizes too big. Either way, it seems that the journey only gets really exciting, for the artist and the viewer, when we can be authentically ourselves. I am finding that as I begin to practise following my own way instead of trying to be anyone or everyone else I can see more clearly where I am and where I am going. Kenneth Spooner, at his open studio, gave me this advice, which I think is pretty good advice and worth passing on.............