Daily Inspiration in my studio

My studio is a haven. Today I thought I would take you along on my journey, exploring my Aladdin's cave.

A little thing that I find helps to make my studio an inspiring place to work is to have work around me that reminds me of something I want to aim at. I noticed this week that currently I have several little postcards dotted around as well as books laid out on my table, that all serve to remind me of something.

Sue Dove makes some beautiful work with collage, textiles and mixed media. Looking at her work I am reminded that I need to stay playful


Moving along the windowsill I come to the work of Kenneth Spooner


 I look at this when I am starting to get too neat and tidy in my work so that I can encourage myself to get a bit of 'grittiness' into it. 

Just lately a favourite book has sat on my desk. It displays the work of Mary Fedden. I love the way her shapes are simplified, and as I look at her work I tell myself not to get too complicated and fussy.



As I sit at my desk I am also met by a very sunny little card, the reproduction of a work  by Emma Dunbar. 


In Emma's work I can see that accurately painted figurative elements can sit quite comfortably next to other parts that are painted more abstractly. 

The paintings of Paul Murray always wow me. I look at them to take in the inventive use of mark making laid over and mingled into painted colour areas. 


Just recently I have also been inspired by a couple of little library catalogues - the work of Daphne McClure


There is so much to learn from Daphne's work about finely balanced design and balance of light and dark areas.


The work of Mary Mabbutt serves as a little prompt to look carefully at the way I am using placements and saturations of colour.

I also always keep a postcard or two around of paintings by Masako Whitehouse.


The large areas of quiet in Masako's paintings encourage me to think of the balance between quiet and busy areas in my own.

So this is my current little treasure trove. Inspiring reminders that bring delight to my day and prompts to my thoughts.