Art Workshops 2018

This year I am sure will be an exciting year as I open up my new studio space to a creative community.

It is my belief that community and hands on practise as well as sharing with others is what helps our art endeavours to blossom and flourish, and this year I am super excited to share with you my news about the  experienced art practitioners coming to facilitate a learning experience at Nissi studio. Read more about the first two events to come up here. 


Laura Reiter workshop. 12th & 13th May. 'Towards Abstraction with Mixed Media.'


karens sketch 1.JPG

Karen Howse workshop. 9th June with a follow up self led day 16th June. 'Taking a sketchbook for a walk.'

Further information is available in posts about what to expect in each workshop on my 'musings' page and overall information about the days when you click here.